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                Detail Packages

             * Prices shown are price ranges based on size of the vehicle (small/medium/large/XL) + tax. An upcharge will be assessed for vehicles in very bad condition, that includes pet hair because it takes alot more time to detail.   Black vehicles take longer to detail (applies to Gold Package only) if the paint is in bad shape because it's a delicate color to work on.   *We reserve the right to refuse any vehicle that is in ridiculously awful condition, an example of this would be an interior with cloth seats and dog hair that is embedded in all the fabric or thick Mud.

  Polyseal upgrade  $15 (included with Gold Package).

   * Cercamic Coating may be added to the Gold Package for a $275 upcharge. Vehicle must be left at the shop for 2 days.


            Express Exterior/Interior Detail + Aquaseal --> $100

     The exterior of your vehicle is washed including rims, tires and wheel wells. The vehicle is then dried and all crevices blown dry.  Aquaseal is applied to the paint that leaves a  protective mirror like coating that lasts through 12 car washes! The interior is vacuumed, wiped down and conditioned. All windows and mirrors are cleaned and tires are shined. This is approximately a 1.5 hr detail.

    Silver Detail Package --> S $135 - M $145 - L $155 - XL $180                              This detail package is what most detailers consider to be a full interior/exterior detail package.

  1. Hand Wash  --> Vehicle is hand washed,  bugs and tar removed  for a smooth finish.  Wheels, wheel wells and tires are scrubbed and cleaned.  Then the vehicle is Chamois dried and all crevices blown dry.
  2. Wax Applied with Orbital Buffer -->  Wax is machine applied to the entire painted surface. Your vehicle paint will be protected against the environmental elements for up to 6 months. I remove the wax by hand and massage the paint with a soft, plush microfiber towel to give the finish a super shine! Tires are "dressed" with tire shine to look like new again.
  3. Complete Interior  --> Interior is steamed and vacuumed to remove dust and debris.  Door panels, dash board and consoles are cleaned.  Carpets and floor mats are shampooed.  All Vinyl, dash and console are dressed with a non oily dressing, windows and mirrors are cleaned.


             Gold Detail Package -- S $170 - M $180 - L $190 - XL $215

  Includes a Complete Exterior Detail --> a full service hand wash, bug splatter and tar removal, tires, rims and wheel wells  cleaned.  Paint buffed to remove surface scratches then polished and a Polymer/Acrylic sealant  is applied to protect the paint finish for up to 12 months. Tires shined with dressing.  Plus a Complete Interior Detail --> steam clean vents, crevices and any sticky stuff.  Shampoo and extract carpets.  If your vehicle has cloth seats then they will be cleaned . If your vehicle has leather seats then a PH balanced soap wash & leather treatment will be done. Lastly windows and mirrors will be cleaned.  This package takes an entire Day to complete.


   NEW Vehicle Protection Package --  $300.00+Tax Cars, $350.00+Tax SUV & Pickup Truck

This is for new vehicles only!  If interior or exterior is dirtier than what a quick wash & vacuum can get clean then your vehicle will cost a little more to get it back to the necessary condition for this package.  The New Vehicle Protection Package includes a hand wash, chamois dry and paint sealing with CERAMIC GLASS COATING. Coating is extremely Hydrophobic, ultra shiny and lasts 3 years.  The interior will be vacuumed, windows cleaned and fabric + carpet protection applied.  If the vehicle has leather seats then those will be conditioned with LexolTM  If you purchased a new vehicle or plan to do so, you should consider protecting the paint and the interior.  Please note that nothing on the market will prevent your car from getting paint chips.

   Also, included is my Fabric Protection for carpets & upholstery.  Fabric Protection is colorless and acts as an invisible barrier that surrounds your carpets and seat fibers so a food spill cannot absorb and it makes for easier clean up.  This service will also keep your interior cleaner longer and make routine vacuuming easier.  If your vehicle has leather seats, I will condition the hides with a pH balanced leather conditioner.  This will keep your seats soft and supple and make them easier to clean.

   Most new car dealers try to charge $500 and up for a paint protection package alone! Why pay that?  For less than this we also do the interior and you can be sure the work and preservation of your vehicle is accomplished correctly. 



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