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  All exterior detailing services receive a full service hand wash/chamois dry, cleaning of wheel wells, wheels, tires, bugs and road grime.  Tires are shined and conditioned with dressing.   We will also express vacuum the interior,  clean windows & mirrors.  
  * Prices shown are price ranges based on size of the vehicle (small - medium - large) + tax. Upcharge will be assessed for vehicles in very bad condition.   XL vehicles cost extra.   Examples of these vehicles are: Hummer H1 or H2, Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Suburban, Lincoln Navigator, full size 4 door pick up trucks and etc.
   * Immaculate wax may be substituted with Polyseal for $15 extra.

                                                    Polyseal Upgrade

Our long term Polyseal paint sealant is for people who want to give their vehicles extra protection.   It actually bonds an invisible shield of polymer protection that will protect your vehicles paint from the environmental elements and the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays through a process called molecular cross linking. Up to 12 months protection!  Safe on all vehicle finishes.  Polyseal comes standard on the Gold Detail Package!  

Valet Wash -- S $30 - M $35 -  L $40 - XL $65

Vehicles wheels, wheel wells, tires, trim and front facia are first pre soaked, scrubbed and rinsed to loosen and remove dirt, grime, grease and bug splatter residue.  Then mounds of bubbly car wash soap suds  are used to wash the vehicle with a microfiber mitt to leave a sparkling, dazzling shine.  Interior is vacuumed, dash & steering column are wet dusted and special attention given to clean mirrors and windows.

Wash & Wax  -- S $50 - M $60 - L $70 - XL $95

This service is recommended for vehicles in which the paint is in very good shape and needs no paint correction. Includes everything in Valet Wash + after vehicle is washed and prepped a generous amount of our wax is machine applied to leave a brilliant shine.  Up to 4 months protection.

Convertible Roof Cleaning/Conditioning --  $25

Many convertible tops are made of cloth today AKA "stay fast" material.  These cloth tops are prone to environmental fallout, staining, spotting and deterioration.  Vehicle's cloth roof is thoroughly cleaned and dried then fabric protection is applied to protect it from the environmental elements.

PAINT OVERSPRAY REMOVAL (Penn Dot paint) -- Price determined by visual inspection of the severity of overspray coverage.

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